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Infrastructure and Facilites

  /  Infrastructure and Facilites

KSM aims at becoming a leading academic institution in teacher training that provides quality education and set standards at par with global benchmarks. The facilities and services offered to students allow them to explore their inner creativity and thus make them realize their dreams. The wide open space, fresh air, plantations and lawns found across the Campus set the right and a very conducive environment for learning and overall growth and development of students. KSM also has latest equipment to impart technological training.

To keep an update with the latest happenings and to correlate it to history , merging it with technology the students need the resource of information. The library at KMS maintains the record of the entire requirement to cater to the need of students. It has incorporated collections of prints, visuals, and creative resources which are systematically organized with different sources from India and abroad. The list of books is being upgraded as per the requirement from time to time.

KMS is well equipped with ORELL DIGITAL LANGUAGE LAB with the capacity of 25 students at a time. ODLL is a professionally engineered, comprehensive and user friendly language learning software by Orell, India. It offers the instructor an opportunity to not only teach efficiently but also monitor the progress of each students individually. For the learner, it offers an interactive learning experience as well as the opportunity to self-evaluate her progress.

KMS has a highly sophisticated computer lab equipped with all latest Softwares and Internet connectivity to make the students proficient in wide range of computer applications.

Science lab equipment allows students to interact directly with the data gathered. They get a first-hand learning experience by performing various experiments on their own. Students are made to use the models and understand different scientific theories and concepts.

Social science lab acts as an activity room for pupil-teachers as it combines academic experience with worldly knowledge, making learning effective, lively and fun. This lab provides students various options to learn better and to increase their cognitive and cooperative learning. They learn to investigate how social science is embedded in our everyday lives.

The Psychology laboratory of the department is well equipped with materials and psychological tests and instruments for providing training in conducting experiments in Psychology and developing the skills required for administering and interpreting psychological tests of different kinds.

The conference hall is the perfect place for decision making, creative thinking and it leads to solution of complex problems through discussion over round table.

Overall physical development is essential for mental development of the students which would in turn enable them to come up with innovations and creations. KSM is dedicated towards providing amenities for overall growth of the students. The campus building is dedicated for playing fields and indoor sports area.

KSM is a only for girls college and the students coming from different regions of India and studying at KSM have a privilege of well-secured homely atmosphere in the in-campus hostel of KSM which can accommodate almost 80 students. The students can avail this opportunity on first come first serve basis, others would have to opt for our outside hostel facility and transportation.

The college canteen serves hygienic and good quality food with a wide variety of availability of snacks at a reasonable price and also has a capacity of 50 students at one point of time.

Internet has become a very powerful tool. Moreover, wireless connectivity helps in overcoming the restrictions of seating capacity in computer labs and helps the students to stay updated with the happenings anywhere in the world.

KSM campus is well connected to the public transport services. More over the institute also provides transport amenities to students residing in the areas of NCR to remove the hurdle of distance. Different routes have been identified for easy access of the cab services to the students.

Being a girl’s college, security become one of the most important concerns to the management and to the guardians of students. DMS is committed towards maintaining safe and secure working environment to the girls inside the campus.